While patting the tree trunk, Tang San said to Dai Mubai: "The Zhuge God Crossbow can be said to be a nightmare for ordinary fighters. Moreover, its greatest feature is not its own power, but the concealment and suddenness of hidden weapons. As long as you use a good machine, you don’t need a little spirit power to launch it. Even ordinary people can easily use it. According to my calculations, if a spirit master below level is hit by a head, the chance of surviving is very small. For non-defense A soul master of this kind has a very strong restraint effect.""Tang San, are you researching these?" Ning Rongrong asked. Tang San froze for a moment, and said with a wry smile: "Forget it." He couldn't tell everyone that this was a skill he brought from another world. Ning Rongrong tentatively asked, "Tang San, can you sell this thing to me? The price is whatever you want. You know, I am an auxiliary spirit master and have no self-protection ability. When everyone is desperate, except for Apart from assisting a little spirit ability, I can only look at it. If I have this thing, I can also have a little offensive power."