Tang San smiled freely, and said: "What to sell, I'll give you one later. However, the materials needed to make this thing are very expensive. You pay for the materials yourself." At this time, Tang San had already shot the crossbow arrows from the tree. After they came out, everyone could see the look of Zhuge God's Crossbow Arrow. The arrow is eight inches long and has no tail feathers. The back four inches are cylindrical, and the front four inches are pointed cones. The front three inches has a total of twelve small blood grooves, and the tip is extremely sharp, shining with a faint cold light. There is no wear and tear due to penetration through the trunk.Tang San flicked the side of the Zhuge God's crossbow, opened the arrow slot, and pressed the sixteen crossbow arrows back into the box one by one. Oscar had already approached at this time, with a flattering smile, "Little San, are we good brothers?" Tang San looked at him and smiled. How could he not understand what Oscar meant, "Of course, don't worry.