It is a very overbearing machine-like hidden weapon. Anyone can use it. It contains forty-eight crossbow arrows, which can be passed through the machine every time you board the machine Including sixteen shots in an instant. Just like just now. If the machine is good, it must be fired. Otherwise, keeping the machine tight for a long time will have a destructive effect on the crossbow body. Because this kind of continuous crossbow is very powerful. Metal is easily unbearable. This is also where Zhuge God's crossbow suffers."Dai Mubai asked in confusion: "You mean, what was shot just now was a crossbow arrow? But where did your crossbow arrow go?" Tang San smiled slightly and pointed to another big tree behind, "There. "While speaking, he walked to the big tree. The second tree was ten meters away from the first tree. When everyone came to the tree, they saw the trail of the crossbow shot by the god Zhuge. Sixteen crossbow arrows, two neat rows, were completely submerged in the tree. Zao Wou-ki looked at the tree in front of him, and then at the one in front of him, "Xiao San, did your crossbow arrow shoot through the previous tree, and then didn't enter this tree?"