I will just give you a set of Zhuge God Crossbow. Just like Rongrong, you need to pay for the materials, and I will be responsible for manufacturing. However, it is very troublesome to manufacture, and I can only make one a month. Don’t worry. . And, don’t use it as a last resort. Crossbow arrows are not easy to create, and it’s hard to take them back after they are shot. After all, I only have one person, and I definitely can’t serve all of you. Besides, this Zhuge God Crossbow itself is extremely domineering and lethal. Too big, it can easily cause fatal injuries.""Little San, this won't work." Zao Wou-ki suddenly said. Tang San froze for a moment, "Why, Teacher Zhao." There was a sly smile on Zao Wuji's face. He looked at the other students and said, "These guys are not people without money. You Zhuge God Crossbow is not easy to make, you can't. It's cheaper for them. Anyway, some people don't care about the money, so you can just sell them at a price."