Raising his hand and facing the Zhuge God's Crossbow at the next big tree, Tang San pressed the switch. Hearing, hearing, a series of clattering sounds rang loudly, everyone just felt that there was a flower in front of them, followed by a series of puffs. Not to mention the students, the speed of the explosion at that moment, even Zao Wou-ki's expression changed. Among the people, the fastest is undoubtedly Zhu Zhuqing, the agile spirit master, but she asked herself that she would definitely not be able to escape from the Zhuge God Crossbow with the same rate of fire just now. Everyone's expressions changed, and they were shocked. Everyone came to the tree and clearly saw that in the big tree that needed three people to hug together, two rows of small holes with a total of 16 finger thicknesses had appeared. The small hole allows light to be seen from one side to the other. Zao Wuji couldn't help asking: "Tang San, what is this? How did you do it?"Tang San raised the Zhuge God's Crossbow in front of his master, "I call it Zhuge God's Crossbow.