Dai Mubai nodded and said, "I agree with Teacher Zhao. Xiaosan, if you want to sell Zhuge God's crossbow. , How much does it cost?" Tang San smiled and shook his head, "Everyone is his own, don't mention the money."Dai Mubai said, "I'm not wrong. But I can't let you suffer. Such a small box can fire such a powerful crossbow arrow, which shows that the craftsmanship is extremely complicated. It can't make you work in vain. Not to mention it. , In the future, when we use this thing, we still need crossbow arrows to supplement. Does it make you do it for nothing? You don’t have to be polite with us. That’s good, this first Zhuge god crossbow counts as your gift to us. We only make it out Material money. If you need it in the future, you have to sell it to us. What do you think?" Oscar laughed and said, "Yes, that's it. Anyway, we all get a lot of subsidies every month. This is the key. Time can save lives. It's okay to sell more expensive."