Seeing the Zhuge God's Crossbow in Tang San's hand, Xiao Wu was stunned, "It turns out that you used it to kill the Human Face Demon Spider. This thing is really powerful, and the eyes of the Human Face Demon Spider must not be able to bear it."Others naturally heard Xiao Wu's words. Because they had been in a tense state before, everyone hadn't noticed how the Human Face Demon Spider died. After that, Tang San began to absorb the spirit ring again, and everyone was only concerned about his safety. Listening to Xiao Wu's mention at this time, they only remembered how terrifying the human face demon spider was. Looking at the Zhuge god crossbow in Tang San's hand, they inevitably showed a surprised look.Tang San used his actions to tell everyone what the Zhuge God Crossbow was for. After this incident in the Star Dou Great Forest, he has recognized these partners in his heart. Hidden weapons like machines were not the real mystery of Tang Sect, and he had nothing to hide.